Our objective is to offer effective, high-quality food supplements, in strict compliance with standards.
Skin by Fisher, the best for youthful skin

Skin by Fisher was created to offer excellent products for the skin. These products are composed of powerful, patented, active ingredients, in optimum, high quality dosages. They contain all the essential elements necessary to maintain a young skin:

  • Marine collagen, Hyaluronic acid, Pycnogenol® for the maintenance of the cellular matrix, which improves the elasticity and firmness of the skin
  • Powerful antioxidants (SOD®, Pycnogenol®, Coenzyme Q10, vitamin E) for protection against free radicals
  • All essential vitamins and minerals in their bio-active form
  • Prestigious oils for perfect skin hydration
Producer of superior food supplements

Fisher offers the best of what is possible in the field of food supplements. Each formula is developed by a team of pharmacists and scientists. Product effectiveness is, therefore, a core requirement in the development process of our products. Fisher specialises in the development of high-quality products based on powerful, patented and, above all, scientifically proven active substances. Our experts select the best bioactive form for each ingredient and seek the most innovative and unique synergies to bring the most effective formulas to the market.

Quality & efficiency at the heart of our approach

Fisher carefully selects each ingredient based on its naturalness, effectiveness, absorption capacity and optimum dosage. All our production sites are chosen because of their GMP (Good Manufacturing Process) pharmaceutical standards accreditation for high quality. Each ingredient received is analysed to ensure its integrity. Quality checks are carried out throughout the entire development and production process, from the selection of suppliers of active substances to the approval of the final product.

Science & Technology at the forefront

Our research and development team works with renowned researchers and experts on a daily basis to develop products in line with the latest scientific studies.
The composition of our products is the result of the most recent scientific discoveries making it possible for us to design innovative and efficient formulas. This also allows us to exclude any controversial ingredients.

In food supplements, it is not enough to combine ingredients. It is especially important to choose forms that are easily absorbed by the body. And that is precisely what we are good at.

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