A radiant skin thanks to a daily cure of 5 grams of pure marine collagen extract in combination with 18 other exceptional ingredients
Skin by Fisher

The quintessential essence for the skin

Skin by Fisher is one of the few food supplements on the market that combines pure ingredients, of the highest quality, in optimum doses (5 times higher than in a tablet) and in the most natural form, making them particularly easy to absorb by the body. The unique synergy combines pure marine collagen, hyaluronic acid, coenzyme Q10, moisturising oils and powerful antioxidants with a complex of high-quality bioactive vitamins and minerals. It is available in powdered stick form to ensure the stability of the product and to preserve all active substances over time. Skin by Fisher, a nutrient supplement that takes care of your skin in its entirety and as effectively as possible.
Premium food complement specialist

A conscious choice for perfection

Founded with the aim of developing high-quality, scientifically proven natural products, Fisher has become a leading player in the market, by implementing this very approach. Fisher is committed to constantly using only the best possible ingredients. Surrounded by pharmacists and scientists, and in order to ensure quality and traceability, all products are manufactured in GMP certified pharmaceutical laboratories (officially recognised laboratories). Fisher develops its products with the greatest of care thus offering you the best quality possible.

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